Fulshear HS student with autism lives out dream to be on football team

EL CAMPO, Texas (KTRK) -- When the Fulshear High School Chargers took the field Friday night in El Campo, the last out of the tunnel was the newest member of the football team, junior Jade Simar.

Jade has autism, but that does not matter to her teammates. She is never too far from the bench to give encouragement and support to the Chargers during games.

Jade said she has always dreamed of being on the football team, so before the Chargers' season opener in Cleveland, Texas, the team asked her to join and she accepted.

"I feel special," said Jade. "It's an amazing opportunity."

As one of the team's biggest supporters, she told ABC13 she's especially proud of quarterback Parker Williams and wide receiver Jax Medica

"I'm really proud of them," she said. "Honestly, they played their hearts out for me."

Williams said those words really meant a lot because Jade is one of his good friends.

"This one's for her," Williams said.

Medica didn't want to take credit for it all. He attributed his great performance to the team.

"It's not just me. It's not just Parker. It's the whole team, the whole coaching staff, the whole school," said Medica. "Jade means the world to everybody, and having her on the sidelines really helps us play for a bigger meaning than winning the game - to play for Jade."

Medica said he and Jade have talked about this since the 7th grade. She would even draw up plays the Chargers could run.

"She's no different than us," said Medica. "She is more proud of us than we are proud of us."

The Fulshear football team uses the hashtag #WeAreFu1shear with an emphasis on word, "We," because it includes Jade, according to Medica.
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