Cultural diversity enriches the learning experience at Fort Bend ISD

MISSOURI CITY, Texas (KTRK) -- Fort Bend ISD is proud of its diverse student population. As a melting pot of diverse cultures, students are able to be immersed in an environment that facilitates a unique learning experience.

It's an atmosphere and place teacher Nidhi Singh loves to be.

"We did a guacamole problem for math because we were talking a little bit about Hispanic heritage month," Singh explained.

Diversity can be found throughout the classroom -- from math problems to wall lessons, and even the kids in class.

"It's kind of a visual reminder for us to say, okay, we have a lot of different brains in this room and a lot of different background in this room, which is always great," Singh said.

Quail Valley Elementary isn't the only place you'll find a diverse classroom though.

Last school year, the district was made up of 27 percent Asian, 27 percent Hispanic, 25 percent Black, and 17 percent White.

"Underneath it all, we're all the same," said Quail Valley Elementary School Principal Carla Patton. "We all have a heart. We all want to be treated kindly. We all want to make sure we're treating others kindly. It's really that golden rule."

It's not just the students, but the school staff consists of an array of people with different backgrounds too.

"You'll see a blend," Patton explained. "You stand here and walk the halls, and you can see the diversity in the kids and the staff."

According to Fort Bend ISD staff, the feel of cultural diversity is what makes this school so remarkable.

"I would rather be here than anywhere else," Singh said. "Knowing that every year we have so many different celebrations from around the world that we acknowledge, and we're open with our students with that and we welcome those differences."

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