Visit the tallest building to have existed on the Texas prairie

MISSOURI CITY, Texas (KTRK) -- If you want to learn more about Fort Bend County's earliest residents, you might consider visiting the Dewalt Heritage Center in Missouri City.

The two-story home was once the tallest building on the Texas prairie.

"The Dew brothers built this house," said historian Diane Ware. "Three brothers built it in 1899 to 1900."

The Dew family had just moved to the area and bought 5,000 acres of land in an area just south of Missouri City, called Dewalt.

"They raised crops like corn, cotton, sugar until 1922," explained Ware. "They were very fortunate because beside the house was not only the road, but the Sugar Land railroad."

Dewalt has since been annexed by Missouri City.

And, in 2006, the home was moved three miles down Highway 6 and into Kitty Hollow Park.

Now, it's open to visitors once a month.

More info on the Dewalt Heritage Center, click here.

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