COW ON THE LOOSE? If you're in Fort Bend County, there's a number for that

RICHMOND, Texas (KTRK) -- The next time you see livestock on the loose in Fort Bend County, don't have a cow: call the sheriff's office instead.

The livestock unit is dedicated to protecting loose or abused livestock and enforcing the laws which protect them.

Sheriff Troy Nehls' office tweeted a photo of a cow wandering loose in a residential neighborhood on Thursday. The photo was snapped in Old Orchard.

While the sheriff's office did not share details about the cow in question, they did say they are ready for action anytime the country and the city collide.

The livestock unit is made up of Deputies Ron Otto, W.F. "Bill" Jenkins, Tanner Eddleblute, and Matt Gobar, according to their website.

In addition to responding to calls about cows on the run, the unit is responsible for handling cases of neglect, cruelty and abandonment of livestock or estrays.

The deputies work alongside animal welfare workers in both rural and urban areas in the county, according to the sheriff's office.

If you should see a loose cow or livestock animal, you can dial 281-341-4665 for help.

Watch how the Fort Bend County Sheriff's office has responded during disasters involving livestock:

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