Celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day with these unique Houston pies

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Today is National Cheese Pizza Day - one of our favorite comfort foods. And if you thought cheese pizza was basic, check out these pies we found around town.

Quattro Formaggi - Midici

The Quattro Formaggi pizza at Midici is oozing with four different kinds of cheeses: fresh mozzarella, ricotta cheese, gorgonzola, and parmesan.

It gets an extra flavor from garlic, basil, oregano, extra virgin olive oil.

Who's the Mac - Pi Pizza

The Who's the MAC at Pi Pizza takes Cheese Pizza to the next level.

The pizza is made with a blend of mozzarella and provolone blend, then it's topped with house made mac and cheese and thick cut smoked bacon.

On Tuesdays, you can enjoy the $13.99 All You Can Eat Pizza and Salad, including this Mac and Cheese Pizza.

Four Funk Maggi - Cane Rosso

At Cane Rosso, the Four Funk Maggi is a blend of four exotic, or funky cheeses, served on homemade dough fired in a wood burning oven.

Cheese Pizza - Grimaldi's

Grimaldi's goes to great lengths to make sure the cheese pizza they serve here in Houston tastes the same as the pizza they serve in Brooklyn.

They've hired a chemist to recreate the exact mineral content of that water to ensure the dough is as authentic as the New York version.

Grimaldi's also delivered hot pizzas to relief workers at local hospitals, an animal shelter, and a church over the last week.
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