Celebrate National Hot Sauce Day at iBurn

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Happy National Hot Sauce Day!

I visited one of the Houston-area's top hot sauce shop and gourmet spicy store. iBurn on Bellaire Boulevard and Weslayan has 5 stars on Yelp. They specialize in finding the best craft and artisan spicy products from around the world.

Walking into iBurn may be a lot to swallow with over a thousand hot sauces from around the world and locally crafted.

"The cool thing about Big Daddy's, their claim to fame is they support local across the board and put St. Arnold's beer in all of their sauces," says iBurn owner James Beck AKA The Hot Sauce Boss.

Every single hot sauce on the shelves has been taste tested and approved by Beck himself.

"I've sampled over 3,000 spicy products and then some. We turn down 80 to 90 percent of the samples we get. This is a completely curated (list) of products there are no bad choices. It's just finding the one that fits your pallet the best," said Beck.

All products are color coded by heat level and chilies.

"We've got Trinidad Scorpion which is the third hottest chili in the world. We literally have something for anyone that's looking for the hottest," said Beck.

If you really want to stock up, check out the iBurn Box Discount. Pick a box stuffed with 12 woozy hot sauces of your choice and get 10 percent off.

Check out the "name your price" section products that may have reached their best buy dates, but are still good to consume.

Exclusively for National Hot Sauce Day, get your hands on a hot sauce holster for just 20 dollars with a free two ounce hot sauce to go with it.

If you shop for National Hot Sauce Day, you can get 10 percent off your entire purchase.

Did someone say food?! Houston food lovers, unite!
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