Woman finds iguana in toilet bowl

Wednesday, November 22, 2017
Iguana in toilet in Florida home
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Here's one more reason to always look before you sit.

FLORIDA (KTRK) -- A Florida woman is warning everyone to look before you sit.

Dani Craven awoke to an iguana in her toilet.

After she screamed, she called her friend Shannon Walker, who came over and removed the iguana from the toilet.

Craven says she's terrified of lizards and this one apparently came up through the pipe system.

Craven put a towel under the door and two cement blocks on top of the toilet seat so the iguana couldn't escape.

Her friend used gloves and a fishing net to get the iguana out.

In their video posted on Facebook, you can hear someone say, "Don't grab it by the tail, you'll break the tail!" The video shows the women laughing and screaming as they try to fish the iguana out of the toilet.

They gave the iguana to a wildlife rescue group and rewarded one another with high-fives.

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