Where to find help for flooding relief

RICHMOND, TX -- Whether you are a Fort Bend County flood victim needing help or someone who wants to offer help for flood victims, there is now a single location that is a clearing house for aid.

The Brazos River Flood Recovery Center is now open at BF Terry High School in Rosenberg. The address is 5500 Ave. N.

Over 67 relief organizations are partnering there.

"People stepped up. Came and plugged in and met those needs," said "The Church" Pastor Jim Kyles.

Along with Second Mile Mission Center, they're helping organize a hub of activity, making clothing, shoes, toiletries, and counseling available to those flood victims in need. They can also help you coordinate efforts to get help cleaning your home or filing disaster assistance paperwork.

Well over a thousand volunteers have so far taken part.

"Sometimes you're just in total shock and you're not sure what to do and so this .. Is a good surprise," said Kimberly Neal, whose family in Thompsons was displaced by flood.

Neal is grateful for the help, from neighbors who are no longer strangers.

"It makes me feel very good to be part of a community that does that," she said.

They are in need of more volunteers, even if you have just an hour. Just show up, Kyles says.

They also need more donations to meet flood victim demand, particularly toiletries.

The recovery center will be open from 7am to 7pm at Terry High School for the 30 days.

And as agencies attempt to coordinate Fort Bend County disaster response efforts, they want to help residents contact varying agencies.


File your information even though no federal declaration has been declared yet.

Fort Bend Office of Emergency Management

They can help point you in the right direction for varying needs.

United Way Helpline

Texas disaster legal line

American Red Cross
866-526-8300 *option 1

Service enter at B.F. Terry High School in Rosenberg.
Residents can go there in person and get help with cleanup supplies, toiletries, counseling etc. This location has helped more than 1,200 people in just three days so far.
Help here is immediate emergency needs.

Crisis Cleanup

Will help with immediate gutting and cleanup needs

Houston Food Bank

For residents in need of food or water.