2 residents evacuated in Carr Fire receive an added kindness from a firefighter

SHASTA, California (KTRK) -- Thousands of northern California residents were forced to evacuate their homes due to the massive Carr fire.

"I'm a little teary. I haven't cried, but I'm just about ready to," resident Susan Grant said.

Susan and her husband, Jeff, were recently evacuated from their home.

After packing up what they could, the couple stayed at a nearby hotel for 10 days.

"I kind of got goosebumps and stuff because I didn't believe there would this much greenery left," Jeff said.

While they were away, the couple had neighbors check on their home.

"Three days ago, we got a text from our next door neighbor Craig Slain, who said, 'I've been in here. I snuck in. I've been in here for a couple of days and there are PGE guys on your property putting a pole up.' And I texted him back, 'Can you go take some pictures of the house?' And he said sure. So when he texted me the pictures, one of them was this note right here. It was on the front door," Jeff said.

The note left on the couple's door was from a firefighter who had watered their garden and flowers while they were away.

"A firefighter named Ray B stayed at our house for a couple of days, watering our plants and taking care of our baby turkey," Jeff said.

Susan and Jeff posted the note on Facebook hoping to find the firefighter and thank him.

"If you see this broadcast and can get a hold of us somehow, or we can get a hold of you somehow, I just want to give you a great big hug," Jeff said.
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