How to easily find and receive unclaimed cash

Texas has returned more than $3 billion in unclaimed property to its rightful owners according to We tracked down one Houston resident who was shocked to find out how much money he had coming to him.

"A friend had told me that he had some unclaimed property so I decided to go in and check not only one, but two unclaimed properties for me," said Steven Shannon.

Using, Shannon, who is now a music teacher, found out he had missed a paycheck from a former job.

"Years later, here I am, I'm getting a check for $900 from Starbucks and then $500 for this undisclosed thing. I'll take it. Any money is good for this teacher," said Shannon.

Shannon is now $1,400 richer and it took less than 30 minutes to find.

"It was very easy," said Shannon.

It's as simple as typing in your first and last name then searching through a list for an address you may have once lived at.

During our demonstration, Shannon ended up finding a third unclaimed property check for $55.

"You have to further go in and show some documentation that you lived at that address. I took pictures of the documents and snapped it with my phone and sent it to the State of Texas," said Shannon.
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