Former Cypress resident steps away from ferry explosion in Mexico

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Monday, February 26, 2018
Former Cypress resident witness Ferry explosion in Mexico
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Former Cypress resident witness Ferry explosion in Mexico

A former Cypress resident was only steps away from the Ferry that exploded Wednesday in Mexico.

"I'm sure some people watched the video. We were like 30 feet from the explosion. It was just so crazy to live through something like that," said Luke Wible.

Wible, Ryan Strode of Cypress and Jordan Smith of Jersey Village were rushing down the dock when they say the ferry blew up.

"When it initially happened I just kind of froze up, it's like it wasn't actually happening to me," said Strode.

The three men stood stunned for a moment right after the explosion then tried to help some of the two dozen people hurt.

It wasn't until 10 minutes later that they noticed one of them had been struck by a chunk of metal.

"One of them looked down at my leg and said, 'Dude you're bleeding,' and I looked down at my sock it was completely soaked in blood," said Wible.

The group decided to continue having fun on their vacation even though they narrowly escaped a much scarier fate from that explosion.

"If I had been maybe a step or two closer I would've been hit in the body with that huge chunk of metal," said Wible.