Houstonians protest Ferguson grand jury decision

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014
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Protesters blocked roadways near MacGregor Park to protest the no-bill decision in Ferguson, as police kept a watchful eye

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Demonstrators are marching here in Houston to protest the Ferguson, Missouri grand jury's decision in the Michael Brown case.

They gathered in MacGregor Park at around 5pm and began to march, ending up in the street near MLK Boulevard and Old Spanish Trail, blocking traffic.

"It strikes home because the reason that people are really uprising right now in Ferguson isn't just because of this one incident," protester Durrel Douglas said. "If you've never been a young black man living in this country, then you have no idea what it is like."

About 100 protesters circled the, chanting and waving signs. They demanded to be heard.

"We've reached a critical point now in this city, in this country. Ferguson is a flash point and you'll see it's touched a nerve around the country," another protester said said.

We haven't see the kind of violence here we've watched unfold in several cities around the nation. But there is still anger, still hurt, a culmination of years of perceived discrimination.

"I was with the Civil Rights Movement With Dr. King and I'm still seeing the same fight every day," Pastor F.N. Williams said.

The protest lasted for hours as demonstrators walked five miles. No one was arrested and no violence was reported during the entire gathering.

"They can March. They can chant. They can say whatever they want. We're not going to tolerate by property destruction like we've seen in other cities. We're not going to allow them to shut down any freeways or throw rocks, bottles or break any windows in the city," Houston Police Department executive assistant chief George Buenik said.

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