North Carolina mother charged with trying to smother 5-month-old baby

FAYETTEVILLE, NC -- A Fayetteville, North Carolina woman is accused of trying to smother her infant child.

LeShay Jordan, 20, has been charged with attempted first-degree murder and misdemeanor child abuse.

Fayetteville police arrested Jordan on Monday afternoon. That's when they said she tried to smother her 5-month-old son with a pillow.

The incident happened in a room at the Suburban Lodge, an extended stay motel off Bragg Boulevard.

"She became upset at something," said John Somerindyke, a FPD detective. "She grabbed a pillow, completely placed it over the 5-month-old child's face."

Police say the child's 18-year-old father walked in on Skinner's smothering attempt and stopped her from further harming the infant. He asked the hotel staff to call police.

"Luckily, the husband was able to intervene in time and grab her and get the pillow off the child's face," said Somerindyke."And he was able to get somebody to call 911 and get some help out there."

Jordan appeared before Judge Lou Olivera in Cumberland County District Court Tuesday afternoon. Jordan looked sheepish and childlike as she cried through most of the appearance and asked the judge for a mental evaluation.

Olivera increased Jordan's secured bond from $100,000 to $250,000, and granted the evaluation.

The judge also ordered a Department of Social Services investigation. Jordan told the court her son is currently staying with her father and stepmother in their Fayetteville home. Authorities did not indicate the child had suffered any major injuries due to the incident.
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