3 tips for the perfect holiday makeup look

The holidays are here, so of course you need a festive makeup look, and Senior Makeup Artist Yaneek Proctor visited the Nars River Oak district location to give us a look that will make us sparkle this season. Here are her tips!

  1. Go For a Fresh Face: This means a really clean look. Don't overdo it with a lot of eye makeup and cheek color. A little dab of color will do you. For your skin, try the Velvet Matte Foundation Sticks for a flawless look.

  2. Mix Textures: This means add a little sparkle to the matte. For example, a tad of shimmer on the eyes will look gorgeous, but don't overdo it. Keep the cheek color and contour matte.

  3. Bold Lips: It's the holidays, right? Go for that bright red or burgundy shade and own it! Proctor recommends her Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Extension Shades.