Fantasy football picks could score you Super Bowl tickets

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Football season is almost here, and that means it's time to draft your fantasy league!

Reagann Shulke, who has been playing for 10 years, told Eyewitness News the mistake fantasy football rookies seem to be making.

"My dad used to work for Warren Moon when the Oilers were here," she explained. "So that's kind of where it all started for me."

She said the biggest mistake rookies make is going for the best players in the league.

Not only will you use up your draft picks too quickly, but you instead want to pick players who complement each other.

"It is part knowing the game, it is part going into the draft with good information," she explained, "and then intuition."

Just like in real football, anything can happen.

For example, Shulke drafted Texans wide receiver De'Andre Hopkins last year, but he got injured.

"He did really well for me until the very end and cost me the victory," she laughed.

Shulke was runner-up in her fantasy football league last year.

This year, she and other organizers are inviting fans to join.

The winner will take home Super Bowl tickets, and all proceeds go to Today's Harbor for Children, a charity that houses neglected and abandoned children.

Go here for more information, visit the Today's Harbor for Children website.

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