Conjoined twins born at Texas Children's Hospital

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Nick and Chelsea Torres are now proud parents of three kids. Big brother Jaysin is just waiting for his sisters, Callie and Carter, to join the family. The conjoined twins were born a few weeks ago at Texas Children's Hospital.

"It's not setting in all the time because the babies are not with us all the time," said Chelsea. "So for me, it's not setting in completely 100 percent because we only see them for so many hours during the day."

The Torres family decided not to publicly show the faces of the girls, wanting to reserve that special moment for Jaysin, who at three years old, is too young to visit his sisters at the hospital. However, they did share several close-up images of the girls, wearing tiny crowns on their heads and holding hands.

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"They're just like normal newborns, everyone always says 'normal newborns'."

We first met the Torres family back in October. The young couple, expecting conjoined twins, moved from Idaho to Houston so the children can get the best medical care in the country. They lived for a time in a mobile home near NRG Park, they then moved to an apartment. Right now, the family is at the Ronald McDonald House, awaiting the release of the girls.

It has not been an easy path for the young couple, still in their early 20's. However, the girls are healthy, and that has made it worthwhile.

"They said they can walk, they can crawl, and do normal things, just treat like normal babies and we'll just work on the challenges as we go," said Chelsea.

Because the girls share two legs, intestines, and a colon, doctors are not recommending separation. And that's just fine with the Torres.

"I'd rather have two babies living stuck together than zero babies because of a bad separation," said dad Nick.

As soon as a custom car seat is ready, the Torres expect the twins to be released. Soon after, the family will return to Idaho. They know the road ahead won't be easy, but grateful for the help in Houston.

A GoFundme account has been set up for the children.
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