Brothers, both WWII veterans, die just hours apart on the same day

SARATOGA COUNTY, NY -- Two brothers, both World War II veterans, lived their lives together after returning from the war. Last week, both passed away just hours apart.

Andy Macica and his younger brother, Joe, left home to serve in the army during the war. Andy was stationed in the Philippines while Joe saw action in Africa and Europe. Both brothers returned home after the war to start families and build a lifetime of memories together.

Andy's twin brother, Mike, opted not to enlist so he could take care of the family and their farm.

Despite the roles Andy and Joe played in the war effort, the family's younger generation told WPXI-TV the brothers rarely shared stories of battle. "He didn't do a lot of war stories unless we poked and prodded. It's called the greatest generation and I think it's typical that they are quietly proud," said Jim Macica, Joe's son.

Just as they shared memories together, both Andy and Joe were memorialized together at a joint funeral with both receiving full military honors. "I'm very glad we had joint services for them. I think they'd be really happy about that," said Jim Macica.