Hugs and kisses shared as 5 sisters meet for first time

OMAHA, Nebraska -- It is a family reunion that was decades in the making.

Five sisters who grew up apart met face-to-face recently for the first time.

All the sisters share the same mother.

They met at Nebraska Children's Home Society for the reunion, where three of them were adopted in the mid-1950s, a time of closed adoptions and a lot of confusion for adopted children later in life.

KETV-TV reports DNA testing helped match the sisters.

"For me, I was always raised as an only child and then find out I have sisters. And then a couple of brothers popped up here or there, and it is like I have a family now," said Kala Williams, one of the sisters.

For Jan Siperly, she also never knew how many siblings she had.

"I sent away my DNA and got the answer back in September. I never dreamed I had this many sisters," Siperly said.

The five women now live in Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, and Arizona.