EXCLUSIVE: Homeowners describe seeing alleged trooper's killer hiding on their property

WALLER, Texas (KTRK) -- It's usually pretty quiet in rural Waller County, but on Thanksgiving night, part of the Smith's 80-acres was surrounded by patrol cars, crime scene tape and a helicopter.

On a completely dark county road, investigators searched for an alleged killer that was hiding on their property.

"I walked outside and I was just kind of staring, wondering, what's going on and I started hearing shots being fired," said Tim Smith, the homeowner.

DPS said Dabrett Black had pulled over on the Smith's property and was hiding behind hay bales. Just three hours earlier, DPS said Black killed Trooper Damon Allen in Fairfield, Texas, launching a statewide manhunt. His car was located in Waller County and he happened to be pulled over, at the Smith's property.

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Suspect in jail after trooper's shooting death, Erica Simon reports.

"You could kind of tell they were exchanging fire. There were shots fired and then there was a pause and more shots and I'm like maybe I don't really need to be out here. Maybe I need to go back inside," said Tim Smith.

"I think the scariest part was when they had him cornered and one of the agents came running in the house telling us to lay down, that's when it got real and scary. So we just went and hid in the bathroom and laid down," said homeowner, Bonnie Smith.

Tim said law enforcement searched all through their home, under vehicles and inside trailers. They found Black outside. He had been shot in the leg.

Troopers and deputies returned to the scene on Friday, looking for any additional evidence or weapons. The Smith's think about how close Black got.

"It's only by the grace of God that he stopped before he got in our gate. I mean, that was just God's protection," said Bonnie Smith.

"Just kind of an odd way to end Thanksgiving, but it'll be a Thanksgiving that I'll remember for a long time," said Tim Smith.

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