7 signs it's fall in Texas

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The leaves may not change color and sweater weather is a foreign concept, but there are ways to tell that fall has arrived in Texas.

  1. Football is back on your screen
  2. Nothing says autumn like having your schedule look like this: Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, Friday night lights, GameDay/ College Football Saturday, NFL Sunday. Note to those new to the Lone Star State: It's awfully rude to have your wedding or other large event during this holy time of year.

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  3. The shelves change colors
  4. Sure the leaves don't change in much of the state, but the shelves with be awash with orange. As soon as September hits, so do the hectic mess of Halloween stores.

  5. Pumpkin spice everything
  6. It may be 90 degrees, but you can get your pumpkin spice latte iced.
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  7. Your favorite TV shows are back
  8. What is Thursday without knowing what Olivia Pope, Annalise Keating and Meredith Grey are up to?

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  9. You'll wake up freezing, but be sweating by lunch
  10. Time to start layering your outfits, so that you don't freeze and have heat stroke in the same day.
  11. Festival season
  12. Spring may have the rodeo, but Fall means the State Fair of Texas and Ren Fest!

  13. Traffic is even worse
  14. School buses, school zones and minivans are back on the roads making your commute even longer and more miserable than it already was.

Fall officially begins Friday, Sept. 22, but it's already starting to feel like autumn in Texas.

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