ExxonMobil to move 1,600 total jobs to Houston by 2020

HOUSTON, Texas -- ExxonMobil plans to move 1,600 jobs from its Fort Worth-based business line XTO Energy to its campus in Springwoods Village over the next three years, said XTO Energy spokesperson Suann Guthrie.

Guthrie said the relocation will occur in two phases-1,200 people will move to the Spring campus in summer 2018 and another 400 will transfer in 2020. About 9,000 people currently work at the North Houston campus, she said.

Guthrie said about 350 people will remain in Fort Worth at the company's central division after the move.

The relocation will allow XTO Energy to work more efficiently with ExxonMobil's other business lines housed at the campus, Guthrie said.

"This move allows us to better collaborate and share expertise with all of the other business lines that are already located on the campus," she said. "XTO already currently works with [ExxonMobil business line] Upstream Research Company on a variety of different projects and technological advances."

The move also provides more opportunities for employee career development, Guthrie said. Employees who choose to transfer to a different business line within ExxonMobil will have the ability to stay on the same campus.

ExxonMobil acquired XTO Energy in 2010, four years before the Springwoods Village campus opened. Guthrie said there were no plans to move XTO Energy from Fort Worth at the time of the acquisition and that the decision to relocate came after an internal study.

"It's one of those things where as a company we are always looking at opportunities and we are always reevaluating our business and what makes the most business sense," Guthrie said.

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