Texas Bar and Nightclub Alliance to sue state after bars, clubs were forced to shut down

The Texas Bar & Nightclub Alliance is suing the state of Texas after many establishments were forced to shut down, again.

Gov. Greg Abbott ordered the shutdown of bars and nightclubs as the entire state of Texas began seeing an uptick in COVID-19 cases.

Texas Bar & Nightclub Alliance president Michael E. Klein said in a statement, "Texas Bar and Nightclub Alliance (TBNA) is taking the necessary steps to protect the rights of our members and their employees across the state who have been unjustly singled out by Governor Abbott."

This comes days after some Houston-area restaurants say employees tested positive for COVID-19.

Klein went on to say, "Even after adhering to strict guidelines restricting occupancy, ensuring safe serving practices for both customers and employees; bars and nightclubs across the state have to once again close. Other businesses such as restaurants, many of which have identical bar rooms or areas as our membership, are allowed to continue to operate at a reduced capacity. To suggest the public welfare is protected by singling out one specific type of alcoholic beverage license over another is without logic and does not further the aim of protecting the public from COVID."