Faith-based group delivers challenge to Houston Equal Rights ordinance

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A group opposed to Houston's new Equal Rights Ordinance has delivered what they say are thousands of verified signatures requesting that it be repealed.

The so-called "No Unequal Rights" coalition unloaded boxes inside the city secretary's office Thursday afternoon. They say they have more than 30,000 verified signatures and another 20,000 that haven't been verified. A total of 17,269 valid signatures are required to place the issue on the November ballot.

The opposition is made up of pastors and faith-based organizations. They say they want the public to have a chance to vote on the anti-discrimination ordinance, and not just city council members.

After an 11-6 vote in favor, Mayor Annise Parker signed the measure into law in late May. In response to the repeal effort, Parker announced that the city will mount a vigorous campaign to defend the ordinance.

"I am confident voters will soundly defeat any challenge to the ordinance," announced Parker, surrounded by dozens of supporters.
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