Texas teacher claps back at YouTuber who criticized educators

ABILENE, Texas (KTRK) -- YouTube personality Jake Paul, whose brother Logan angered mental health advocates and the country of Japan for his recorded trip in the so-called "suicide forest," is drawing criticism from teachers.

In a recent video released on the last day of Teacher Appreciation Week this month, Paul posted a music video that essentially hits at educators for not teaching him.

"I'm a millionaire, but I ain't use nothin' in my life that the teachers taught me," Paul raps.

Paul's song "My Teachers" triggered many hard-working teachers, including Matt Preston of Abilene, Texas.

Preston released a video of his own defending teachers.

The Hawley High School coach and educator raps and claps back at Paul.

Directly referencing Paul's chosen profession as a YouTuber, Preston raps, "With great power, comes great responsibility. You're killing me, Peter Parker, with all of this hostility."

He continues, "I may not count stacks or drive in a Cadillac, but I do it for the kids and they know that's a fact."

According to KLBK-TV, Preston hopes his message comes across to Paul and others that what teachers do is important.

By the way, Preston's response video has drawn close to 400,000 views, so far, as of Wednesday.

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