'My heart is broken' - Students not allowed to graduate after counselor's mistake

PRINCE GEORGE CO., Maryland -- A counselor's error has prevented some students at a Maryland high school from graduating with the rest of their class.

The counselor, who works at Potomac High School in Maryland, failed to make sure three students took a class that was needed to graduate.

Student Isaiah Strattonbey wiped away tears when he told WJZ-TV, "I was hurt. I ran away and cried. I don't even know what to do."

Isaiah was enrolled in the special education program and passed every class. It was a promise he made to his family and kept throughout his school years.

In a statement, the Prince George's County School District said, the students "had not met all graduation requirements. A counselor's mistake was found during a peer review process completed by the school's counseling team. "

The three students affected by the counselor's error will have to take the class during summer school.

Isaiah plans to attend a community college in the fall.