Welcome to the East End: Taking a tour of this vibrant and diverse neighborhood

Alex Luster, who has lived in Houston's East End for over two decades, is proud to reside, work, and hang out in the vibrant neighborhood.

"I couldn't imagine leaving the area," he says.

Luster's business, The Storyhive, is a video production company that's currently turning a warehouse on Canal Street into a new office space and production studio. When Luster isn't at work or home, you can find him at various shops and eateries in the neighborhood, which makes him a perfect East End tour guide for ABC13's Chaz Miller.

Over the course of a day, Luster showed off his favorite taco truck (La Esquina), coffee shop (XELA Coffee Roasters), and lunch spot (Moon Tower Inn) in the East End, in addition to showing off his company's new headquarters, which is still under construction.
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