Man caught on home security camera urinating on stranger's front porch

NEW ROCHELLE, New York -- Authorities are searching for a man who was caught on a doorbell camera relieving himself on a stranger's front porch.

Homeowner Al Echoy says he wasn't at his home when the incident happened on July 12, but he did have a brief interaction with the unidentified man, who said he was looking for an unknown woman.

"What does one think in a situation like that? It was pretty gross and it's like, who does something like this?" Echoy said.

The man seen in the video is now wanted for criminal tampering, police say.

Echoy told News 12 Westchester that he installed the Ring doorbell camera about a year ago, which allows the homeowners to see and talk to whoever is at his from a smartphone.

Echoy says this incident is the second one he's caught on camera.

"Sometime in January some woman tried to break into my house as well," he said.

The reason behind the latest incident is still unknown, but police are sending a message that not only is this not neighborly, but it's also criminal.