Distracted Driving Device can help keep teenagers' eyes on the road and not on their phones

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Glance to your left or right while you're on the road and you're likely to see someone looking at their cell phone.

We discovered a new way to break that habit, and it could even help track the habits of the teenage driver in your home.

We talked to Antony Livingston, the creator of the Distracted Driving Device. Your vehicle won't start unless your smartphone is in the Distracted Driving Device dock in the glove box.

"My inspiration was actually my kids," Livingston told us. "We had a lot of kids that were coming into driving at the time, and we had noticed a lot of people texting and driving."

First, a mechanic must wire the dock into your car's starter in your glove box. Then, an app can connect the phone of every necessary driver to the car. The car owner, likely mom or dad, is the administrator in charge of monitoring driving habits.

As we rode with Livingston, I took the device off the dock, which immediately sent a message saying where and when the device had been removed. The cost of the device is $349.

If you need to start your car in an emergency and don't have your phone, the administrator can give permission to start the car via the app. In a real emergency, you hit the car's start button several times to bypass the device.

Eyewitness News has shown you other ways to track teen driving, plug-in devices and apps which show you how fast your teenager is driving, their braking habits, and route.

One free app we discovered will reward you for safe driving. The Safe 2 Save app allows you to earn points for every mile you're driving, over 10 miles per hour, as long as you're not handling your phone. You can then redeem those points at some of your favorite local businesses.

The Distracted Driving Device allows you to make calls, listen to music and use navigation via Bluetooth, but the idea is to make sure you aren't distracted by the phone.

"We do need people to police themselves and take the step to make safer driving for their kids and everyone else," Livingston said.

Learn more about the Distracted Driving Device at www.DistractedDrivingDevice.com.

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