Dickinson's new mayor to be pulled out of a hat tonight

DICKINSON, Texas (KTRK) -- After a runoff resulted in a tie, Dickinson's new mayor will be picked from a hat this evening.

Sean Skipworth and Jennifer Lawrence have campaigned to be the city's mayor for nearly a year. Now, the hard work comes down to the luck of the draw Thursday night.

"[I'm] nervous," Skipworth said. "There's no shame in saying that, I think. It's high stakes."

Skipworth described the journey as something "you can't make up." The election was supposed to take place in May, but due to COVID-19 concerns, it was delayed until November. During the general election, neither candidate received 50% of the vote which triggered a runoff.

Last month, a runoff recount resulted in a vote total that left the candidates speechless.

"How often does something like this happen? It's really been unique," Lawrence said. "[It] turned into a dead tie of 1,010 votes to 1,010 votes, which adds up to 2020. We're all going, 'What the heck?'"

The candidates said Dickinson's charter doesn't have plan for a tie, and because of this, state law triggers a casting of lots to decide the winner.

Both candidates said if they're chosen, they'll welcome a discussion to making a change so the hard work of future candidates won't go down with the luck of the draw.

"I'm sort of at peace with it at this point," Lawrence explained. "We worked hard, Sean and I have both worked hard."

To make sure there's no bias in whoever picks the name out of the hat, the city has invited Friendswood's mayor to do the honors.

Whoever is selected will be sworn-in as the city's new mayor during next week's council meeting.

"I'm at peace with it for however it goes," Skipworth explained. "I'm definitely nervous and anxious as anybody is. Just anxious to have it resolved one way or another."

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