Weather U: Damaging winds can be big trouble in Texas

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Tuesday, March 9, 2021
Weather U: Damaging winds can be big trouble in Texas
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Chief Forecaster David Tillman explains what set of circumstances can come together to create dangerous winds of more than 100 mph.

Most severe weather warnings issued for southeast Texas are severe thunderstorm warnings based on the possibility of damaging winds over 58 mph.

These winds typically come about when some of the rain falling from a thunderstorm evaporates on the way down to the ground. The process of evaporation creates a cooling effect much like what happens when you step out of the shower.

Since cool air is heavy, it crashes to the ground and spreads out in all directions. Sometimes this wind can exceed 100 mph, causing tremendous damage, much like what you would get from a tornado.

If there's hail present, it can be driven into the sides of houses and businesses, causing even more damage.

So the next time a severe thunderstorm is issued for your area, make sure you stay indoors away from window until the storm passes.

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