Crosby residents in fear of another explosion

CROSBY, Texas (KTRK) -- The KMCO plant's smoke plume is gone, but the fear the explosion sparked is growing, especially among the facility's neighbors.

Wanda Chavez lives on Ramsey Road which leads directly to the plant.

"Should we be here, or should we not be here?" Chavez asked.

She said she's worried about what chemicals she and her children may be breathing in.

Ramsey Road has been closed since the explosion occurred. Now, only residents can get through after showing their IDs.

The street closures and the occasional strong odor serve as reminders of the incident on Tuesday as do the stories of the explosion.

"I heard the explosion, and the windows in the office rattled," Atascocita Fire Chief Mike Mulligan said.

He heard the blast from his office nearly 20 miles away.

His crews then headed to help, using their massive Ambu-Bus that can transport 20 patients at a time.

They helped other firefighters, treated one injured KMCO worker and found out their vehicle is more versatile than they knew.

"A lot of unique applications that we've discovered that we didn't really know that we could do, but we have from the most recent chemical explosion at KMCO, the ITC Fire," assistant chief Sean Conley said.

Knowing how many people rushed in to help is comforting to Crosby residents. But many also can't help but fear another explosion.

"Hopefully, we get a little bit more details and more information because, what caused the fire? Nothing's really been said," Chavez said.

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