Post-pandemic tips for safe summer gatherings

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Wednesday, June 9, 2021
Summer gatherings ramp up as pandemic winds down
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She's known as "The Hangry Woman" on social media. After being isolated herself during the pandemic, she's ready for those summer get-togethers and she wants to make sure you are t

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- As COVID-19 restrictions continue to relax across the country and summer gatherings ramp up, it's likely many families and friends will get together over the next several months.

More than half of Americans are fully vaccinated, but precautions should still be taken just to be extra safe.

Houston blogger Mila Clark Buckley, also known as "The Hangry Woman" on social media, says she spent the pandemic isolated from friends and family because she is immunocompromised.

Now that she is fully vaccinated and more comfortable with gatherings, she has some tips on how to make things fun and decrease the chance of spreading germs.

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Tip 1: Give guests a useful gift

"I just love to give my guests gifts. So, I've done little koozies they can draw on and write their name on, so they don't lose their cups," she said.

Tip 2: Think small

"We're keeping our gatherings really small," Buckley said. "So, six to 10 people and we're spacing out."

Tip 3: Map out a plan for the food

"(Have) a food bar that has pre-portioned items that people can grab and go and not worry about people having to share things or utensils," she said.

Tip 4: Disposable is best

"We've been using paper plates and cups to make sure no one is reusing items," she said.

Tip 5: Don't be afraid to ask the host some questions

"What are you going to have at the party? Will there be hand sanitizer?" Buckley said. "I think those questions are ok, not rude, and they help you prepare better to make yourself more comfortable for that gathering."

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