When will schools reopen across Texas?

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- When will schools reopen across southeast Texas?

Governor Greg Abbott said today we should expect an announcement later this week.

Seniors like Will Dolan at George Ranch High School told Eyewitness News he welcomed the extended spring break at first. He's now ready to get back to class and back on the diamond playing ball.

"We've been talking since Little League about how we can't wait for senior year and how we can't wait to play together," said Dolan. "It was a pretty good senior class. We were all pretty tight. We were excited to play and see how far we could go."

Dolan is optimistic he might be able to go back to school this academic year.

Zeph Capo is president of the Houston Federation of Teachers. He said his members want to return as soon as possible as long as it is safe.

"I don't honestly believe based on what we're hearing from health officials...that we're going to make it back this year," said Capo. "Returning to school is really important. Getting back to school as quickly as possible would be our first wish. However, we really have to be safe and make sure that the right decisions are made."

Capo cautioned practicing social distancing is difficult in the educational setting.

"Certainly if anybody decides to bring us back too early, bringing kids and teachers into what are often overcrowded classrooms in areas that would be ripe for potential disaster, is something we would speak out against," said Capo. "Schools probably need to be the last things, institutions, that are brought back in because of those issues."

Multiple districts told ABC13 they're working daily and waiting for direction from the state.

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