'I'm here taking full responsibility for the team': Jose Altuve comments on 2017 cheating scandal

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Jose Altuve is speaking out after fellow Astros player Carlos Correa supported him for not partaking in the trash can cheating scheme at the 2017 World Series.

"I like to talk about the team results," said Altuve at spring training on Monday. "I'm here taking full responsibility for the team. I appreciate what Carlos did...tells you what kind of person, kind of teammate he is."

Altuve's response comes after the Astros received backlash from other MLB players. Correa defended Altuve last week saying, "Altuve has played the game clean. Always. Always."

Last week, National League MVP and Dodgers player Cody Bellinger said Altuve "stole" the American League MVP from Aaron Judge in 2017 after some of the Astros players apologized, accepting responsibility for their part and the team's part in the sign-stealing scandal.

But Correa was vocal about who reportedly did not take part in the cheating.

"(Altuve) would say, 'I don't want this. I can't hit like this. Don't you do that to me,'" Correa said. "He played the game clean."

Fellow Astros teammate Josh Reddick also confirms he did not take part in the scheme.

Last month, Altuve and Alex Bregman talked to media at Astros FanFest, where most of the questions asked were about the scandal.

When asked during the event if he has any regrets about the 2017 season, Bregman said, "The commissioner came out with a report, MLB did their report, and the Astros did what they did, meaning they made their decision on what they're going to do. I have no other thoughts on it."

Altuve was more vocal, explaining that it was crucial the team stick together and move forward.

Both were quick to deny allegations that they wore devices under their jerseys.

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