Going back to work soon? Keep your work space sanitized

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- As some businesses prepare to reopen, many workers will be expected to keep their work spaces clean and sanitized.

ABC13 spoke with a commercial cleaning expert about best practices and he said plans may vary depending on the different variables.

"I think it comes down to what kind of business do you run and who are the stakeholders that are involved in that business," said President and CEO of Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Houston Michael Brett. "Whether that's your employees, your customers, your visitors, and you've got to consider all those aspects before you put your plan together."

He recommends companies regularly sanitize commonly touched surfaces, keep signs posted encouraging social distancing and good hygiene, and maintain a daily cleaning plan.

"Do the touch points with the chemicals, and if you want the added layer, kind of the hammer version, it would be going toward something more comprehensive, like what we have, which is electrostatic, cleaning at least once a week to make sure there's a strong blanket of chemical that basically disinfects everything."

The company recommends using disinfectants that contain antimicrobials and are EPA approved.

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