Local non-profit helping rebuild and repair damaged homes in Houston's Second Ward

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Residents in Houston's Second Ward are getting a helping hand in fixing up their homes.

Rebuilding Together Houston is launching a $2.5 million campaign to repair houses of those in need.

"We needed the roof, the floors, the windows and the doors done," homeowner Tony Blanco said.

Blanco says the list of repairs needed on his home is long, and he can't get all of the work done himself.

"I could not afford to get all of that work done to my house," Blanco said.

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Blanco, and other homeowners, are getting their homes fixed thanks to volunteers at Rebuilding Together Houston. The agency has been around for more than three decades, but is focusing its latest effort on Second Ward.

The organization says their goal is to repair up to 100 homes in the area. Residents who are interested in the service will have to contact Rebuilding Together Houston.

"They come out and bring crews and their volunteers and they start the work," Mayor Sylvester Turner said.

The organization is looking to help low income residents, elderly people and veterans, but anyone in need is encouraged to apply for assistance.

In order to make all the planned repairs, Rebuilding Together Houston will need more volunteers. They're hoping to raise $2.5 million to pay for supplies and the laborers needed for complex work like roofing.

"They're doing a wonderful job getting it all done," Blanco said.

The organization says the average house will need about $25,000 in repairs. If you're interested in volunteering, visit the Rebuilding Together Houston website.

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