The rich history of Nolan Ryan's hometown in Alvin, Texas

ALVIN, Texas (KTRK) -- More than 26,000 people call Alvin home, and most of them know each other!

"When you go to a parade, you see people you know in the parade," said fourth generation Alvinite Tommy Peebles. "If you're in the parade, you have people hollering at you that know you."

The city was first named "Morgan," after postmaster and railroad man, Alvin Morgan.

After 49 people moved in, they realized there was already a city called "Morgan" in Texas.

So, they went with the name "Alvin" and incorporated the area in 1893.

Alvin was destroyed in the Great Storm of 1900. After it was rebuilt, Alvin became known for agriculture.

Strawberries, flowers, and rice were shipped around the country from Alvin.

"We actually had a booth at the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis, where we brought examples of what we had," explained Tom Stansel from the Alvin Historic Museum.

In 1947, future MLB star Nolan Ryan was born in Refugio, Texas. He soon moved to Alvin, and many now call the city his hometown.

"Tell somebody you're from Alvin, they say, 'Oh! The home of Nolan Ryan!' You say, 'Yeah, absolutely, and proud of it!'" Stansel laughed.

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