7 things to consider when you pick out your Christmas tree

It's time to pick out that Christmas tree. We've made it easy for you with seven things to consider before taking that tree home.

ABC in New York stopped by Wilkens Fruit and Fir Farm in Yorktown Heights to get the 411 on making sure you pick the perfect tree what will last through the holidays. Check out their tips below:

#1. Measure ceiling height.
#2. Look at the tree. Does it fit in your space?
#3. Think about color and shape of the tree. Do the branches work for your ornaments?
#4. Do not remove netting until you are home.
#5. Make a fresh cut at the bottom of the tree once you get home.
#6. Water, water, water -- Do not let it dry out.
#7. Have fun and take pictures!

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