Chicken fried dog brings out the best in Texas goodness, if you dare

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Forget about the regular ol' American hot dog. That's so passe. How about a chicken fried dog? It's all the rage at James Coney Island. Well, at least if you listen to the reviews from those who have taken the leap of faith.

Just when you thought you've seen it all when it comes to hot dogs, Houston's James Coney Island debuts a creation only Texans can truly appreciate - the chicken fried dog.

Inspired by a chicken fried dog sold at Texas A&M's Kyle Field, it's breaded, deep-fried, and covered with a thick layer of gravy. James Coney Island reports that many still eat it with their hands, but some do opt to tackle it with a knife and fork.

We would never do that with a traditional hot dog. However you want to eat it is up to you, but for less than four bucks, we just might give this new version of the hot dog a try.

Of course, James Coney Island will still carry its many popular varieties of the hot dog you've come to know and love.

Did someone say food?! Houston food lovers, unite!
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