Buzzed Bull Creamery offers boozy ice cream treats

CHICAGO -- What's better than ice cream that can get you buzzed?

Chip VonLehman, owner of Buzzed Bull Creamery in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood, shared his love of ice cream, booze, and coffee with the city.

Buzzed Bull's doors first opened in early July, offering customers hand-crafted made-to-order, alcoholic and non-alcoholic frozen desserts and coffee.

"What we want to have is a very family-friendly environment something that's fun for kids and adults," said VonLehman. "Kids enjoy watching the ice cream be made and they watch the cloud of nitrogen that is created when we make the ice cream, but adults, of course, can get a little boost put into there so they can have something for them too."

Buzzed Bull's made-to-order menu features 32 flavors of ice cream, 20 mix-ins, and plenty of liquor options to satisfy any craving. If you're feeling creative, make your dream dessert by mixing and matching the base, toppings, and liquor.

To learn more about Buzzed Bull's offerings, visit their website at