Witness who fired on carjackers sought after northwest Houston attack

HOUSTON -- A man was carjacked and beaten after he walked out of the Valero gas station late Saturday night in northeast Houston. But someone else who witnessed the crime helped end the attack.

The attack happened on Kelley at Jensen around 11pm.

A man said he was hit on the head near a bus station on the edge of the parking lot. A witness saw what happened and as two suspects got in the man's truck to escape, the witness pulled out a gun and shot at the departing truck.

The suspect ditched the truck about three blocks away.

Police found blood inside the truck. Investigators aren't sure if the blood belongs to the suspect or the truck's owner.
The truck's owner is in the hospital recovering.

The witness who shot at the suspects didn't wait at the Valero for police to arrive. Police, who are still looking for a suspect, want to speak to the witness for help in their search.