Do we rely too much on our car's technology?

You've invested in a vehicle with the latest technology, such as blind spot monitoring, forward collision warning and lane-keeping assist, but could relying too much on this technology put you and the drivers around you in danger?

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety talked to drivers about what's known as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

For example, AAA Foundation says 80 percent of drivers with blind spot monitoring didn't know that their system would only detect vehicles traveling specific speeds, and may not detect someone walking or cycling.

Even more concerning, about a quarter of drivers surveyed said they felt comfortable engaging in other tasks while driving as they relied on some of the newest technology features.

"It has great potential to save a number of lives and reduce the number of accidents on our roadways, but really it is the driver's responsibility to understand what the technology's capabilities are and what the limitations are as well," said AAA spokesperson Joshua Zuber.

So what can you do to ensure a safe drive?

Ideally, ask specifically about safety features while you're taking a test drive, but you can also set an appointment to do so once you purchase.

Just like it shows you how to change the clock on the radio, it should also give you the specifics on your safety systems.

If reading a manual is not for you, websites like YouTube often feature helpful video tutorials that will show you exactly what you need to know.

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