Her 'good luck' cakes to Astros led to World Series win, so she's baking more

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Thursday, October 10, 2019
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Bake it back! When she made the team a "Good Luck" cake in 2017, they won the World Series.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- If you're looking for the Astros' lucky charm, just follow the icing!

"I'm a mom who wanted to make some yummy cakes, and it just took on a life of its own," explained Janet Roush Flood of Yellow Bird Cakery in Montrose.

With three boys of her own, Flood has been baking for years, but she never expected to be baking for one of the hottest teams in the MLB.

"Two of the Astros live in my neighborhood and they knew I was a baker," said Flood. "So, I made one birthday cake for (former Astros outfielder) Marwin Gonzalez, for his son, and they took it to the field," Flood said. "People loved it, and then (Astros second baseman) Jose Altuve's wife needed a smash cake."

That smash cake led to a home run by Altuve. From there, Flood's business exploded.

Astros shortstop Carlos Correa has ordered a Fortnite-themed cake inspired by the popular video game, a "Game of Thrones" cake and a Thanksgiving cake from Flood.

According to Flood, outfielder Josh Reddick and his wife chose superhero-themed cupcakes for their baby shower. The couple welcomed twin boys last week.

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When pitcher Lance McCullers and Correa hosted a joint birthday party, Flood was there with a cereal milk-flavored cake.

"They're normal guys," Flood said. "That's what is fun. They want a Fortnite cake because they're young guys playing baseball. They are very humble."

They're humble, but also superstitious.

Flood's 2017 "Good Luck" cakes led to a 2017 World Series title, and now players are hoping her latest creations will do the same.

"I baked a cake for Altuve and I baked a cupcake for Marwin," explained Flood. "The joke was that Marwin only hit a run, but Altuve hit a home run."

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