Lone Star motorcycle rally to crowd Galveston all weekend

GALVESTON, Texas (KTRK) -- From her shop window at Bel Pri, Shara Hanley can see plenty going on in Galveston as thousands of people cruise down for the Lone Star Rally.

It's the first for the shop but for Dickens on the Strand and Mardi Gras, she says business slows down.

"Prep started on Monday, and then we noticed a big decline in sales from Monday until this day (Friday)," Hanley said.

An event that lasts a weekend ended up hurting local businesses for the entire week. With all the fun happening on the streets, local shops are left without much business.

"They're interested in their bikes and showing their bike, and the foods and the festivities," Hanley said. "And with their things going on, they are not really interested in shopping. Therefore, it might be a good suggestion to move it a couple streets over where there aren't businesses."

On a normal weekend, Hanley says the stay open until 9, but this week, they will close early.

More tourists and bikes mean more men and women in blue.

"If you are going to be drinking, it's obvious you shouldn't be driving and there is no excuse nowadays," said Galveston Chief of Police Vernon Hale. "You've got Uber and Lyft and all these other ride-share apps."

It's been a busy week for law enforcement. Setup started on Monday, meaning early road closures.

"The Seawall, it's closed from 19th Street to 25th Street. You can go eastbound, but you can't go westbound. The entire Strand from 18th Street to 25th Street is closed unless you're on a motorcycle and you can pay a fee to get in," said Hale.

Hale is planning to bring his own bike to the rally and said people need to be safe. He says with an influx of people, there will be an influx of minor crime.

"Breaking into vehicles, or people's motorcycles getting damaged or stolen," Hale said. "Our biggest fear, quite frankly, in the Lone Star Rally is fatal accidents, and people not being safe, and that's why we try to focus on the safety of the riders and the drivers and sharing the road together."

Hale said they will have increased police patrols on the road ways and on foot, adding they will be watching closely for anyone drinking and driving.

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