Kingwood native flies over Houston with the Blue Angels

As the Blue Angels flew over Houston to salute those on the front lines battling coronavirus, one of the pilots was Major Frank Zastoupil from Kingwood.

"I know everybody is excited to watch him do it," said Frank's older brother, John Zastoupil.

He says this is his brother's first season flying with the Blue Angels. He's also the first F-35 pilot to do so.

John said, "It goes to show how good he really is, because you are hand-selected for that job."

Frank flew right over his parents' Kingwood home. The Blue Angels' route took them from north Houston, to downtown, before heading out south of town. Houston was just one of several cities to see the flyover.

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"He said this thing has been really more than what I think they expected, in terms out outpouring of support. Every city they've gone (to), everybody has been so receptive and so I think, honestly, Houston specifically is a big deal, because he's from here," said John.

Major Zastoupil is based out of Pensacola, Florida. But most of his family members still live in Houston. His brother says they couldn't be more proud of him.

"It's also really great to see how everybody else has been, the hospital workers, the nurses, doctors, everybody else watching them, cheering them as they fly by," John said. "I honestly know for our family, it's a special feeling because he's up there doing it. For him to be able to do the flyover over his hometown as well, supporting people who are saving lives, it could not be better. You have the perfect person doing this to represent people who are saving people."

Frank Zastoupil sent a text message that said, "We are extremely honored to have the opportunity to thank all the front-line COVID-19 responders in Houston, my hometown! This means a lot to me, growing up in Kingwood and the Houston area, as I have family who work in hospitals and medical facilities around town. I hope everyone can look up and enjoy a quick salute to the local communities, and then more importantly, look to those around them to say thanks to all those who have given up so much during this challenging time."

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