Bikers escort legally blind, bullied teen to school

KING, North Carolina -- A group of motorcyclists didn't wait for the morning sun to come up to shine light on an issue that presents itself far too often in our schools.

Before 7 a.m., dozens of them parked their motorcycles near the corner of Route 66 and Mountainview Road in King. With patches on their backs, they surrounded a Stokes County teen to show him they have his.

"I felt shocked," said Donnie Morton, the teen's uncle, told WGHP. "It was very surprising that someone could treat another child like that."

On Wednesday, investigators say a video surfaced showing Morton's nephew, 17-year-old Michael Wishon, being bullied at South Stokes High School.

Michael is legally blind, according to his family.

"Michael was born a pound and 14 ounces, prematurely, 17 years ago," said his mother, Kelly.

As the video was reaching hundreds of thousands of people, Bikers Against Bullies were already mobilizing. On Friday, they escorted Michael back to South Stokes High.

"We don't tolerate bullying whatsoever," said Karl Kress, one of the motorcyclists. "Be a friend. Be a biker, not a bully."

With engines revving, and Michael in the back seat of his uncle's car, the group arrived at the high school. There, rows of Michael's classmates and teachers were waiting for him at the front entrance.

"I am without words and that doesn't happen very often," Kelly said, laughing.

Kelly added that Michael now plans to bring awareness about bullying through his experiences.

"I can't think of anyone else that is better suited to wear that anti-bullying hat than Michael," she said.
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