'She just drove off': Bicyclist says he was hit by car during Critical Mass ride

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A recent Critical Mass bike ride didn't go as planned for one bicyclist.

Dustin Wiget claims he was hit by a car near the 4700 block of Washington Avenue Friday, and says the driver never stopped.

"I hit the brakes as much as I could without losing control, and basically, my body ran into her driver's side door," explained Wiget. "I made eye contact with her and she just flipped me and drove off."

In a video captured by a GoPro camera that was mounted on his helmet, a silver 4-door car is seen making a sudden left turn directly in front of Wiget's path.

Wiget says he was knocked to the pavement, and claims the driver never stopped.

Wiget filed a police report and hopes the woman will be identified.

"Stay in your lane," said Wiget to the unidentified driver. "You might see Critical Mass as a group of people, but we're individuals in that group of people, and I'm a father of 3 kids and what you did last night jeapordized my life."

Wiget is asking anyone with information to contact Houston police.

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