EaDo is home to 2 hidden gems

Thursday, January 23, 2020
EaDo is home to two hidden gems
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You can buy new beauty products and get dessert in the same neighborhood!

HOUSTON,Texas (KTRK) -- In EaDo you can find a specialty shop handcrafting beauty products from locally sourced ingredients and another shop with sweet treats that might take you down memory lane.

The first shop is known as Bloom Handcrafted Beauty Products.

"We have about 50 different brands in the store. They're all locally sourced with the exception of four," said Joseph Berck, the founder of Bloom. "I wanted a store to give a platform for your local makers."

Berck also said Bloom sells hair care and body care products, free of harmful ingredients.

So those naturally handcrafted products you'd usually only get your hands on at farmer's markets - you can now buy throughout the week.

"You can create your own oil blend $25 dollars for a blend, most cost $30 up to $50 dollars," Berck explained. "We offer body oils and facial washes."

Now, once your skin is in 'bloom', you can indulge in Mexican treats at a nearby dessert shop.

"This is a mangonada, which is made with Italian ice and fruit and chamoy sauce, topped off with mango pieces," Sonia Castro, co-owner of Treats of Mexico said.

Castro and her husband made their dream of owning a store front come true three years ago. They're also bringing a rush of nostalgia to their customers.

"We've had a lot of people come in and they see a piece of candy they haven't seen in years." Castro said. "They get so emotional, and we get so happy because we remind them of their childhood in Mexico."

Treats of Mexico has desserts such as the concha sandwich, and rose flavored ice-cream, which Martha Paz, a customer, recommends for others to try.

Paz also said Treats of Mexico helps strengthen a community.

"I just think it's so important that they keep our community close and that they care about the culture, and they re-introduce it to people who may have forgotten it," Paz said.

Bloom will soon move into a bigger building within the same shopping strip off Telephone Road.

Treats of Mexico plans to expand in the future. But, for now they do offer catering of elote and more.

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