Baby dies in foster care months after sibling died in parent's care

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico -- Police say Monique Romero and David Zuber II buried their 1-year-old daughter in the backyard after she died in their family bathtub.

The Children, Youth and Families Department put the couple's other two children in a foster home, and their 6-month-old son died Thursday in the foster parent's custody.

It's unclear how the child died, but a spokesman with the Albuquerque Police Department said he was unresponsive and was transported to the hospital.

"This is tragic. I'm still trying to wrap my head around it, but it's unreal," said the child's grandfather David Zuber.

The grandfather said his son and Romero typically visit their children twice a week, but he said they knew something was off last week when their visits were canceled for the first time.

"He missed the last one or two visits and then they canceled the doctor appointment on Wednesday and then Thursday, we got the news we got," said the child's grandfather.

He said CYFD hasn't allowed the family to see the infant's body.

According to KOAT, during a private meeting with CYFD, the family asked that their final child, who is still living in a foster home, be returned to her parents.

"What makes them any safer with CYFD, apparently? Oh, my goodness, so they were safer there than being with their parents? I think not," said the child's grandfather.

Both Romero and Zuber II were released from jail after charges against them for the death of their daughter were placed on hold.

Prosecutors will wait for final autopsy results to decide if they will refile charges.