Avozilla, the 4-pound avocado as big as your face, can make 18 pieces of avocado toast

BUNGUNDARRA, Australia -- Avocado lovers in Australia have cause to celebrate with an extra piece of avocado toast: avozilla, a giant avocado that can grow to weigh several pounds and be as large as a human face, is now available down under.

Austraila's first commercial avozilla farm has yielded its first crop of humungous avocados, and the oversized fruits have captured the world's attention. The variety, which originated in South Africa, is a cross between the West Indian and Guatemalan avocados.

Some who have tried avozilla report on social media that the large variety spreads more easily than regular avocados. Though unlike other large fruit varieties that don't scale up as well, avozilla is otherwise markedly similar to its regular-sized avocado cousins, according to farmer Dave Groves.

"Often big fruit and big vegetables don't taste as good as the smaller ones but in this case, they really do. They are a very good eating fruit," Groves told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Fruit sales manager Cameron Perna added that he was able to make nine pieces of avocado toast from half an avozilla.

The oversized avocados retail for just under $9 (AU$12) a piece.

Though it's created a frenzy online, avozilla is likely to remain relatively difficult to find for the near future. The Groves family's farm only has 400 trees, and Groves told Nine News that the fruit has a lower yield than other things he's grown in the past. An additional 2,000 trees have been planted but have not yielded a crop.

It's not immediately clear if any farmers are planning to cultivate avozilla in the United States.
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